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CriLu Educational Services

"Our children have transitioned beautifully to their new school. We remain forever grateful for your gentle push to move them to another school.  You are such a wonderful model for us all.  I appreciate your perseverance and passion as you work within your community to support betterment in education."



"I started working with Rosalia at the beginning of my senior year in the midst of all of my college stress--the applications, the many supplement essays, and of course the sleepless nights. Rosalia took on the role of my guardian angel throughout the entire process. Her organization and knowledge of the college process made the entire experience so much easier."



"Having someone I could come to for an objective perspective on my essays and my college questions was absolutely indispensible when it came to completing the many applications."



"This is not to say that Rosalia was one to baby me, not at all. She pushed me when I needed to be pushed, encouraging me to keep working as hard as I could on my apps while providing me all of the support I needed to succeed."




"Thanks to Rosalia’s wonderful guidance, I was accepted into the school of my dreams. I honestly can never thank her enough."

"Mrs. Miller has been my child’s angel throughout the process of her college application. Her services were outstanding. We feel gratitude for her professionalism, care, dedication, empathy and guidance in my daughter’s journey through the college application process."



"Thanks to her guidance my daughter felt organized, supported and ahead of the game. Her guidance helped my daughter become less anxious and more focused on the task."



"I was always impressed by Mrs. Miller’s tactfulness in managing our anxieties as parents. She was a great help to our whole family."



"She does it with love, respect and empathy."



"Mrs. Miller was an excellent agent for my child. She gave my daughter a sense of safety so she could embrace constructive criticism in improving her writing so her essays would be not just good but great essays."



"Her editing skills were excellent, tactful and loving. Her loving and professional guidance helped my daughter achieve her goal. My daughter was accepted by early decision at her top choice school. Well done Mrs. Miller. THANK YOU AND WE LOVE YOU."








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