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CriLu Educational Services
10th – 12th GRADES


Initial Conversation - No Fee


An initial complimentary conversation by phone or in-person (30 minutes to one hour) is scheduled with Rosalia to discuss general information and to understand expectations and objectives.


Home Visit (1-2 hours) - Fee Based      


Rosalia will obtain a balanced perspective through a detailed interview process in a home setting.  This one to two-hour visit helps her capture the family dynamics and provides her with a better understanding of their preferences. During the visit, she listens and discusses a variety of options and expectations.


On Going Services  - Fee based
(Requires Letter of Agreement)                           


The college application process is a complex grid, including high school grades, SAT or ACT scores, essays, letters of recommendation, and personal meetings.  Rosalia helps put all the tasks in perspective, guiding the student through the process.  She will help the student to understand the proper sequence of tasks and the relative importance of each, a process that varies from school to school.


The first and most important task in the application process is the selection of a group of schools most appropriate to the student’s interests, ambitions, and abilities.

Choosing the right targets will greatly ease the process and improve the odds of success.


  • Rosalia will provide personal advice and guidance throughout the application process, including advice on crafting college essays and developing strategies for the best presentation of the candidate and the family to the prospective colleges’ admission committees. Parents and students will receive dedicated full-time support in person from Rosalia and or via email, Zoom, FT, Skype, or by telephone.


  • Test preparation, if needed, can be done by a separate provider from CriLu Educational Services. Referrals can be provided upon request.


  • All applications will be reviewed by Rosalia before submission.

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