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Initial Conversation - No Fee


An initial complimentary conversation by phone or in person (30 minutes to one hour) is scheduled with Rosalia to discuss the application process and to understand expectations and objectives.


Home Visit - Fee Based


During a one-hour home visit, Rosalia will listen to the wishes and expectations of the family regarding school choices. At this time, the student’s academic history and any special circumstances will be discussed. Following the visit, Rosalia will summarize the points discussed and will recommend the next steps. 


Meeting in the home environment provides a sense of peace and reduces the stress of an office visit.  Home visits also provide a better understanding of the family’s own philosophy and dynamic. Rosalia becomes an observer, exercising a certain detachment.  This creates a healthy equilibrium between the family’s wishes and her guidance. 


Home Visits with Young Children:  To make the best use of the time spent on this visit, parents are advised to cancel by 9:00 a.m. on the day of the visit if their child is ill.. During the home visit with children applying for their first school experience, parents or caregivers share with Rosalia the child’s interests, ie. favorite toys, etc. The parents choose a place in their home where the child will play with his or her toys while Rosalia observes. Parents are welcome to be present during this session, which will last 30 minutes to one hour. At the end of the play session, Rosalia will provide the parents with a brief verbal assessment. 


On Going Services  - Fee Based 
(Requires Letter of Agreement)  


Although the application is the sole responsibility of the parents, Rosalia will assist in the process, advising on filling out the application forms and assessing test results. She will be an advocate for the student and will write, if requested, a recommendation letter to the admission office.


Application Process


The application process usually includes


            . Scheduling an appointment for a tour of the school(s).


            . Filling out and submitting the application.


            . Scheduling and attending a play session (for young children) or an 

              interview for (older students).


            . Testing and assessment as determined by the school. 



CriLu Educational Services
CriLu Educational Services
CriLu Educational Services
CriLu Educational Services
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